Dartington Village
Hall refit using Thermafleece EcoRoll

Thermafleece EcoRoll has been used in a project to renovate the Village Hall in the historic village of Dartington in Devon.  With the help of Thermafleece EcoRoll significant energy savings will be achieved in the Village Hall which was built in 1925 using a timber frame clad with corrugated iron.

When a new central heating system was installed in the Village Hall, the Parish Council decided to determine how much energy was being lost from the building.  To their surprise, most of the build glowed red and yellow under the thermal imaging cameras meaning most of the heat generated was being rapidly lost from the building.

With initial funding from Transition Town Totnes the decision was made to retrofit insulation to the outside of the Village Hall to reduce energy wastage and excessive fuel bills.  Totnes Sustainable Construction was commissioned to come up with a solution and to complete the work.  It was decided to use natural breathable insulation materials in a system comprising Thermafleece EcoRoll between walls studs and rafters in conjunction with UdiTop fibreboard.

Back to Earth Ltd of Cheriton Fitzpaine near Crediton supplied the materials and calculated the U-values that would be achieved.

The external cladding was removed to reveal the 4x4 inch stud work, and the reverse of the internal tongue and groove pine boards. These walls were completed to the ceiling with cement board.  100mm Thermafleece EcoRoll was fitted into all the available spaces in the walls and 150mm fitted in the roof.

35mm tongue and groove UdiTop boards were fitted over the Thermafleece EcoRoll and secured to the existing timber frame to prevent any cold bridging.  Battens were secured across the board to the stud to complete the job and provide a secure footing for the corrugated iron cladding which helps retain the original look of the Village Hall, albeit that the walls are now going to be refreshed in a new colour of Moorland Green and the roof a Goosewing Grey.

Totnes Sustainable Construction Operations Manager Chris Noakes commented “Totnes Sustainable Construction proposed the use of Thermafleece EcoRoll within their spec.  It is natural, breathable and hygroscopic which was ideal for this timber frame construction”.

Any extension of the roof iron will accommodate the extra eaves required to accommodate the extra wall width.  This conversion will undoubtedly provide Dartington residents with a cosy, much more economical hall for the future and I’m sure that the diverse range of users will appreciate this well thought out, sensitive, ecological refit.

More information can be found at www.totnessustainableconstruction.co.uk