Thermafleece Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Policy Statement

Minimising our impact on the environment is at the very heart of Eden Renewable Innovations’ philosophy and mission. The products we currently sell and those that we are researching have a specific focus to offer the consumer a greener alternative. All are based on natural resources and aim to offer our customers an environmental option to conventional man made materials in the market place.

Eden Renewable Innovations is committed not only to minimising the environmental impact of our products but also strives to be environmentally responsible in the day-to-day running of the company’s activities. Through our environmental focus we aim to inspire our staff and encourage our customers and all those involved in our supply chain to reduce their own environmental impact.

Environmental Policy Aims

To continually assess, monitor and reduce any effect of Eden Renewable Innovations’ activities on the environment by:

  • Ensuring that environmental considerations are integrated into business decision-making.
  • Complying where applicable with environmental legislation.
  • Preventing pollution on site.
  • Reducing waste wherever practicable, and re-using and recycling remaining waste where we can.
  • Improved energy efficiency wherever possible.
  • Make purchasing decisions based on environmental performance of products and suppliers.
  • To strive for continual development in environmental performance by setting and reviewing improvement targets.

Specific Objectives

  • As a minimum, operate within all applicable statutory environmentally-related obligations, associated official guidance and appropriate industry standards.
  • Minimise the negative environmental impacts of our business.
  • Promote our energy efficient products and provide advice, with the objective of ensuring the installation of the best practicable energy efficient installations.
  • Actively promote sustainable development and be an exemplar of its principles.

All of the Eden Renewable Innovations team are responsible for ensuring that this policy is implemented. 

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