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First Pledge Launched: Keeping Warm with Loft Insulation

2nd February 2011

The National Trust for Jersey is delighted to announce the launch of its first pledge as part of the Green House Project.

The National Trust for Jersey is delighted to announce the launch of its first pledge as part of the Green House Project. The Trust has promised to install loft insulation in all of its properties as part of its ongoing refurbishment programme and this week National Trust staff will be busy installing sheep wool’s insulation, kindly supplied by Thermafleece PB20, at one of its most picturesque properties, Sous Les Bois. Generously gifted to the Trust in 2004, Sous Les Bois dates from the C16 and is undergoing a gentle programme of refurbishment to improve energy efficiency and modern day comfort.

The Trust will be installing 270mm of insulation within the roof space in the hope of cutting heating bills by a third and lowering its overall carbon footprint by at least one tonne. Thermafleece insulation was chosen as it is a totally natural product, absorbs moisture, can be fully recycled at a future date, and its production helps support the UK wool industry.

Facts and Figures for Loft Insulation:

Insulating to a depth of at least 270mm can cut your carbon emission by around one tonne per year and your heating bill by a third.

If everyone in the UK installed such levels of insulation we would save nearly £520m and three million tones of CO2 per annum·

During its lifetime, the average sheep absorbs more than 30 kg of CO2 in its wool resulting in the UK’s sheep flock absorbing approximately million tonnes per annum.

In 2008 total UKCO2 emissions were 533 million tonnes and 27% of those emissions came from the energy we use to heart, light and power our homes.

For every £5 you spend on energy for your home an average £1 is wasted.

Quote from Mark Lynn – Commercial Director

“We are delighted that Thermafleece PB20 is included in the Green House project. It is great to see the National Trust for Jersey promoting sustainability in its wider sense and providing information in such a clear and engaging way”.

Quote from Mike Stentiford MBE – President National Trust for Jersey

“Although Jersey's winters can be temperamental, when they do decide to bite, they generally bite hard.

Nowhere is this felt so directly as in the home and especially where little or insufficient insulation has been installed.

The National Trust for Jersey is delighted and grateful to Thermafleece PB20 for both joining and assisting the Trust on the very first of its environmental pledges. The Trust offers a huge and sincere ‘thank you’ to Termafleece PB20 for entering into the spirit of our Project.”

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