Thermafleece at Grand Designs May 4th to 12th, Excel London | Thermafleece

Thermafleece at Grand Designs May 4th to 12th, Excel London

18th April 2019

Visitors to Grand Designs Live on May the 4th to the 12th at  Excel London can watch a strikingly contemporary live build take place, as Kevin McCloud and Studio Bark - architects and creators of the U-Build concept together with help from Structure Workshop and Cut and Construct demonstate
 the flexibility and functionality of the U-Build construction system,.The public will be invited to get involved by making and adding further modular components on to the installation.

The U-Build building process is a revolution in construction, providing a robust and affordable self build solution, which can be assembled by a small team, as demonstrated in the new TV show Grand Designs: The Street.

The advantages of the U-Build construction system are numerous; it is easy to build, enjoyable to inhabit, uses natural materials and is simple to deconstruct at the end of its useful life. The system removes many of the difficulties associated with traditional construction, allowing individuals and communities to construct their own homes and buildings, with little or no construction experience, using simple hand tools. The system also allows for certainty of cost in terms of material and quantity, as well as a high degree of flexibility and adaptability in design.

The system uses precision CNC machining to create a kit of parts, offsite from a build, thus reducing waste on site, and allowing waste timber produced from manufacture an easy transfer to a specialist recycling facility (as opposed to timber waste on build site, which is often contaminated). For the exhibition installation, Studio Bark will be using WISA birch and WISA spruce plywood supplied by UPM as well as thermafleece CosyWool sheep's wool insulation slabs which were delivered cut to fit, showcasing their ‘Beyond Fossil’ approach to sustainable materials.

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